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Vardoc is Open Source

Vardoc is developed by a core team of experienced Drupal developments and is funded and supported by Vardot, a leading Drupal agency with offices in USA, Egypt, and Jordan. 

Vardoc is available as an open source and FREE software for developers and development teams to install, host and run it yourself.

Open Source software is free and promotes the collaboration and sharing of ideas. Vardoc is built on Drupal which is Open Source and is completely free. Everyone should contribute something, sometimes simply reporting and maybe fixing a minor bug can make a difference. The Drupal community and the marketplace make money supporting Drupal. If you need a feature or support you should contact the Vardoc maintainer.


But I Need Professional Support

Vardoc provides a great deal of functionality out of the box, which makes it possible for you to prototype your knowledge base, and try out and experiment all the available features.

However, if you need professional support for implementation, customization, training, or hosted management, please contact Vardot at

You may also contact Vardot for professional and enterprise support of Vardoc by sending an email to:
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